Unique signal processing and Artificial Intelligence

With the help of five sensors, MAP measures six vital parameters. The ECG (Einthoven I lead) are collected daily whenever necessary, while the pulse wave, skin temperature, electrodermal activity and movement are measured continuously. The blood pressure is estimated from the ECG and pulse wave data when the user executes an ECG measurement.

For medical use, one of the biggest problems of the data collected by fitness trackers and smartwatches is the accuracy of the measurements and possible interference. In other words, the results produced by the data recorded are unreliable. This is why the MAP signal-processing solution focuses on deriving reliable results from signals affected by significant levels of interference.

To achieve this, it was necessary to create custom signal-processing algorithms capable of producing results with the necessary degree of accuracy and reliability, without processing demands that would exceed realistic capacity.

We have developed sophisticated processes that adapt to the shape of the signals received, classifying the reliability of the results taken from the individual sensors with the help of fuzzy logic by using the information taken from the other sensors to ensure that these measurements are reliable enough for medical purposes.

With the aid of the unique medical analytic system we have developed, we are able to analyze the recorded and shared data, using both rule-based diagnostic models and different machine learning algorithms in the following way:


  1. The device continually measures vital parameters.
  2. The data is sent to our servers via a secure Bluetooth connection using your smartphone or a separate 3G GSM module.
  3. The data on the server is processed using rule-based and machine learning algorithms.
  4. The aim of the processing is to diagnose dangerous situations and identify potential risks to your health.
  5. In addition to the computer processing, specialist doctors regularly analyze the data collected.
  6. The system makes both the data recorded and the associated risk factors available to both the user and to health care professionals.
  7. If any danger to your health should arise at any time, MAP can provide immediate assistance, 24 hours a day, as well as offering medical consultation (depending on your country or region).